Campaign for sea turtle nesting season

COFIB's Marine Wildlife Department

The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) is widely distributed across temperate and subtropical regions of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans (Bowen et al. 1993, Wallace et al. 2010). Historically, it is classified as ‘non-nesting or occasional’ (Margaritoulis et al., 2003, 2005) along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.


However, several loggerhead turtle nesting events have taken place in the western Mediterranean in recent years, including on the Spanish coast, which is outside the known nesting range of this species, (Tomás et al., 2008.ª; Maffuci et al., 2016).


In the following link, you can find out about the sporadic nesting events that have occurred in Spain of which we are aware:

If you see a sea turtle or cetacean in the Balearic Islands, call 112.

This video was made using images provided by Bios CV and thanks to the collaboration of the University of Vic and its turtle awareness project ‘Caretta a la vista’.