- Exotic animal shelter

The COFIB’s Exotic Animal Reception Centre (CAAE) operates in parallel to the Wildlife Recovery Centre (CRFS). It was created to respond to the increase in exotic animals brought to the centre, providing information and assistance.


Every year, an average of 500 different exotic species are brought to the centres on the Balearics. These specimens are usually escaped animals that have been intentionally released into the natural environment (an action punishable by law that can seriously damage the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Balearic Islands) and fauna intercepted by the state security forces.


The CAAE continues to receive invasive alien species from both the natural environment and captive specimens.


Over the years, the CAAE has attended some 4000 exotic animals of 155 different species.

To prevent this problem from escalating, it is VERY important to consider the following questions before acquiring an exotic animal as a pet:

If you are not completely sure that you will be able to do all this, don't buy it. AN ANIMAL'S LIFE IS PRICELESS.

COFIB comprises several departments, each with a specific function.